How to hire a team - tips for professional developers

At present, there is a paradoxical situation in the relationship between the employer and the employee at IT-market. In fact, not a company selects and hires the employee, but on the contrary, an employee selects the company. In order to get a dozen offers, it is enough for more or less experienced programmers to publish a resume to the appropriate resources, and sometimes just indicate a profile on social networks.

On the one hand, it allows the developer the great opportunities to choose a more interesting and challenging work, professional growth and career development. On the other hand, any job changes - this is the time and effort spent on walking on interviews, adoptation to the new working conditions, this is doubts, and other "meal of choice" associated with an abundance of offerings.

And finally, where is the guarantee that on a new place you will get exactly what dreamed?

At this workshop, we will discuss and look for answers to the following questions:
✓ How to optimize the company selection process?
✓ How to reduce the risk of a bad choice?
✓ How to sell themselves more expensive?
✓ How to have an interview at a company that seems prospective?




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