Web development with GWT and mvp4g


GWT is a collection of tools for web-developers providing an ability to create a complex (or not so) web-applications in Java to be translated in high-efficient cross-browser JavaScript. The library allows to use declarative user interface and there are a lot of ready-made components - starting with buttons and ending with different layouts.

I will tell about GWT itself, about mvp4g library that supports multi-moduled project architecture and eases the MVP-driven development a lot, and about how this combined in our current project, about our achievements, failures and experience we got. The lecture, I suppose, will be interesting to those who already works with GWT and those who wants to learn more about the possibilities of both libraries using the completed huge project example.

In every part of the lecture I plan to tell about both advantages and disadvantages of a particular approach or a particular library. Also, if the time will allow, I with try to shortly tell about organizational moments related to GWT-development - about things the colleagues need to take into account when they communicate with GWT-developers.

By the way, desktop-developers are also welcome :)


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