Recruiting the right people. The practice of technical interview

The motto of SouthWest Airlines: «We hire vital positions». It must be remembered that the motivation of software developers starts with an employment. In the old economy people were hired for the skills and trained the required attitude to work. In the new economy you need to do exactly the opposite: to hire for the right attitude to work and train the necessary skills. You should no longer hire people who know and can do, and then deal with brainwashing and try to motivate them to work effectively. Hire people with the right attitude towards life, looking for someone who wants to work, and then, if necessary, help them to get the required technical skills. A real leader offers not job, but opportunities.

The past 25 years author led the software development. Conducted thousands of interviews. Hired hundreds of programmers. The report will be presented to the practical experience of the technical interviews with software developers.




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