Program committee

Program committee

Program committee

Stas Fomin (Russia) - Chair

Stas Fomin is the deputy director on an information technologies at «CustIS» company. He has worked for this company since 1999. He has executed tens successful projects on software development and introduction of information systems. Last years Stas investigates perspective systems, architecture, frameworks and standards, introducing effective tools and software development methodologies in the company.

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Dmitry Zavalishin (Russia)

Andrew Mayorov (Russia)

Lev Walkin (USA)

Lev Walkin is a co-founder and CTO of Echo, a venture-backed startup.

Lev initially got into web-programming in 1995, then moved to Silicon Valley to get exposure to the more challenging projects. Worked as a Netli's Principal Engineer, then did lots of custom OS kernel programming while serving his time at Cisco. Since 2007 develops and scales up the Echo service using Agile, NoSQL and functional programming. Founder and Chief Editor of a peer-reviewed “Practice of Functional Programming” journal.


Eugene Kirpichov

Eugene Kirpichov is a principal engineer at Mirantis, currently he's leading a cluster computing infrastructure project. Previously he worked at Yandex, doing web information retrieval, DOS attack protection etc. He's a big proponent of functional programming, having taught a course at several institutions. He's also an editor of the "Practice of Functional Programming" journal and an author of a number of articles and conference talks.

Social network accounts: github: @jkff, Twitter: @jkff, LiveJournal: antilamer, LinkedIn.

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